A downloadable tool

This is just a demo for my paid fixed timestep asset sold at https://marketplace.yoyogames....

This is a series of scripts to help you unlock your framerate by implementing the ideas 
and solutions as presented by Glenn Fiedler at http://gafferongames.com/game-...
This is an alternative to the more popular variable delta time solution when dealing with things like physics which can be a headache. Both approaches have their pros and cons.  The upside to this approach is you don't have to do any additional math in your physics to compensate for lag or to allow your users to choose thier preferred frame rate. 
In general you should just make your game in GameMaker and not worry about timesteps. But if you must here's a solution. 
Download the EXE to see how it performs! Press F1 to toggle the room speed. Notice no matter what the room_speed is the physics are the same. 


timestep.zip 1 MB